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Alameda dominates 2017 Nationals boys events with 3 medals.


2015 US Nationals

Alameda takes 1 gold and 6 bronze at the U.S. Open




Aziz and Jerry won gold in the U2700 doubles, and we had 3 bronze medals (Noah in U2000 class C, Aziz in U1650, and Noah and Jerry in U3200 doubles). Our players also had several quarterfinals, and all of our juniors advanced out of their round robins in at least one event, with many advancing in several different events.


Avi earned bronze in Men’s over 50 singles and doubles. He then paired with Michael Hyatt for a bronze in over 40 doubles.
In addition to his bronze in doubles with Avi, Michael earned bronze in over 40 singles. Michael also made the quarters in Men’s over 30 and paired with Arthur to make the last 16 in open doubles.
Nice job guys!


2015 USA Hopes Tournament Finish order

1. Puri, Sahil 
          2. Fong, Shawn 
          3. Zarehbin, Kai 
          4. Utpat, Sharv 
          5. Du, Ethan 
          6. Mahajan, Mudit 
          7. Anand, Gautam 
          8. Zhang, Henrik

1. Chen, Tina 
          2. Fu, Ava 
          3. Srivastava, Saanvi 
          4. He, Charlotte 
          5. Raghavan, Anika 
          6. Saju, Neha 
          7. Lin, Michelle 
          8. Liu, Nicole

          Full results are viewable at


  Tina Chen 2015 USA West Hopes Champion with boys  3rd place finisher Kai Zarehbin.

Alameda makes it 4 in a row!


On Sunday October 26 Alameda Table Tennis Club participated in the 21st annual Concord Cup Youth Open Table Tennis Tournament.                                                                                             

11 Bay Area clubs were represented. Alameda turned in a dominant performance finishing with 108 points, 20 more than the second place finisher Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club.

Jordan Yee was instrumental to Alameda's success winning the top 2 classes as well as partnering with Edmond Tu for second place in the open doubles.

Alameda point winners were:

Jordan Yee - 24 points (Open 1st , U2500 1st, Open Doubles 2nd)

Kai Zarehbin - 15 points (U1750 1st, U3000 Doubles)

Edmond Tu - 13 points (U2000 3rd, Open Doubles Second)

Avery Chan - 10 points (U250 1st)

Tina Chen - 10 points ( U1500 3rd, U3000 Doubles 1st)

Norman Tu - 7 points (U1750 2nd)

Evan Chen - 7 points (U1250 2nd)

Natalie Chu - 7 points (U250 2nd)

Noah Spitz - 5 points (U1750 3rd)                                                                                                                                                       

Jimmy Huang - 5 points (U1000 3rd)

Aziz Zarehbin - 5 Points (U250 3rd)

Great Job Alameda Team Joola!



ATTC takes home 7 1st place trophies at the Sacramento Open!

 On Saturday October 11 ATTC took home 7 first place and 3 second place trophies at the Sacramento Winter open!

Jordan Yee took out the open event winner Victor Lui on his way to the U2400 trophy. Philip Lim won U2250. Norman Tu won U1550. Barbara Clark won U1150. Evan Chen won U1050. Avery Chan won U650 and Natalie Chu won U150. Additionally, Philip Lim took 2nd in hard bat. Kai Zarabin was second in U1650. Barbara Clark was second in U1250, and Michelle Lin was second in U250.

 Great Job team Alameda!

9/14/2014 Tina Chen Wins 2014 Berkeley Open Girls Under 13 Title and U1250
  Greg Rogers wins U2000, second in U1850. Kai Zarabin is second in U1400.

Alameda Dominates Fremont Open


eam Joola dominated the competition at the Fremont open on Sunday 8/31 with a clean sweep of every high level event!  There were also numerous winners, finalists and semi-finalists in the lower level events.

The Open Final was an all Joola affair with former Olympian and national team member Khoa Nguyen defeating Alameda's 16 year old Jordan Yee.

Jordan also won the under 18 title.

U2300 was won by Alameda Team Joola member David Zeng

U2100 was won by Alameda Team Joola member Edmond Tu

U1900 & U1700 were both won by Alameda Team Joola member Ryan Chen.

Alameda team Joola member Kai Zarebin made the semi-finals of U1500.

Alameda team Joola member Tina Chen was 2nd in the U1300 and Semi-finalist in the U18.

In the U1100 Alameda's Jimmy Huang and Barbara Clark faced each other in the Semi-finals with Barbara moving on to the final.

Alameda team Joola member Jerry min won U300.

Amazing job guys. Joola equipment is really enabling the team to play at a high level!


2/3/14 Dave receives the ITTF Level 2 Certificate. He is currently the only ITTF Level 2 coach in California.
  Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.57.24 AM.png
1/12/14  Jordan Yee and Bryant Lin both selected for the north American Tour Grand Finals Top 16.  Bryant Lin made quarters before losing a hard fought match to  3X National Champion Timothy Wang (11-9, 10-12,6-11,6-11,11-8, 5-11) Great job guys!
1/11/14 ATTC is pleased to announce the acquisition of  Former Dutch National Coach Pieke Franssen as high performance coach! Pending Visa approval Pieke will be arriving April 2014. Pieke has coached a number of world top 20 players and the Dutch women's team won gold at the European championships while he was their coach. We look forward to him taking our team to the next level!
  Alameda was pleased to have a special guest at our winter camp. Former Dutch national Coach Pieke Franssen dropped in and spoke with our players. He talked about his experience coaching in the Olympic and the keys for success in high level play. He also took questions from players.

ATTC brings home 3 medals from U.S. Nationals


ATTC went to the 2013 nationals with 11 juniors and 3 coaches.

 Bryant Lin earned himself $350 with his 2nd place finish in the Men’s U21, where he upset the number 1 seed national team member Yahao Zhang, and his top 16 finish in the Open. Bryant also partnered with Jordan Yee to reach the semis of the Junior Boys teams where they were within 2 points of advancing to the finals.

In additional to his semi final finish in Junior boys teams Jordan Yee also advanced in the Open, Junior boys, and U2400.

Kevin Li advanced in Cadet Boys, Minicadet boys, U2300 and U2100.

Edmond Tu advanced in U2000 and medaled with a Semifinal finish in the U1900.

Jason Chan advanced in U2000

Ivy Li advanced in both U1500 and U1600.

Kailyn Kong advanced in U1400.

Norman Tu advanced in U1200.

Tina Chen upset the top seeds and advanced from her round robin groups in U1300, U1200 and U1000. She also advanced in the girls 10 and under before losing to the number 1 seed.

Michelle Lin and Alison Li both fought hard in their 1st nationals appearance.

Great job kids!


10/27/13 ATTC once again excels at the Concord Youth Cup
  Congratulations to Jordan Yee who upset newly arrived SVTTC Coach Ruqin Ren to win Open Singles! Jordan then paired with Bryant to win Open Doubles.
10/28/12 ATTC wins Concord Youth Cup Club Championship!

On Sunday, Oct. 28, Alameda players overwhelmed the competition at the 19th Annual Concord Youth Cup, a regional table tennis tournament hosted by the Concord Table Tennis Club. As they contested the 12 events, Alameda Table Tennis Club (ATTC) players overpowered the competition winning 6 first places, 7 seconds, 8 thirds, and the all-around team trophy that was given to the club that scored the most wins during the tournament.

In the top class, the open class, ATTC players swept the event, with 15-year–old Bryant Lin winning first place, 11-year–old Kevin Li taking second and 14-year–old Jordan Yee  third. ATTC's Bryant Lin then paired up with teammate David Zeng to win the open doubles competition, defeating teammates Yee and Li in the final.

This is the 2nd year in a row that Alameda has won the club competition.   

Alameda Results -

Open -  1st Bryant Lin , 2nd Kevin Li, 3rd Jordan Yee
U2500 - 1st Jordan Yee, 3rd Bryant Lin
U2000  - 2nd Jason Chan, 3rd Ryan Chen
U1750 - 1st Ryan Chen, 2nd Joe Li, 3rd Jason Chan
U1500 - 2nd Joe Li
U1000 - 1st Edmond Tu, 2nd Noah Spitz, 3rd Justin Tat
U 750 - 1st Justin Tat
U500 - 2nd Norman Tu, 3rd Mathew Situ
U250 - 3rd Jerry Min
Open Doubles – 1st Bryant Lin & David Zeng, 2nd Jordan Yee / Kevin Li
U3000 Doubles - 3rd Kailyn Kong & Ivy Li


  You can find more photos here: Son Lu's Photos
  ATTC Juniors Receive Xiom Sponsorship
  ATTC is pleased to announce our new sponsorship of the Junior program by Xiom Table Tennis

Pictured above are Bryant, Kevin, David and Jordan in their  new Xiom tournament shirts.


ATTC Players had another great tournament at the Sacramento Open. 6 of the final 8 players in the open were from ATTC!

Here are the full results, Alameda Players in Bold.

Event Name: First Place, Second Place, Score.
Open Singles: Zaman Molla, Dan Liu, 10,-10,8,7.
U-2300: David Zeng, Tommy Nguyen, 3,8,4.
U-2100: Joseph Cooley, Walter Guan, -8,8,5,7.
U-1950: Haolin Fong, Kevin Li, -6,7,-5,8,11.
U-1850: Sanjay Bharadwaj, Tyler Spesick, 6,10,-9,-3,6.
U-1750: Emmanuel Shiu, Ryan Chen, 8,8,-8,8
U-1650: Jason Chan, Aaron Kaplan, 5,6,6.
U-1550: Emmanuel Shiu, Scott Fong, 8,-5,-10,6,12.
U-1450: Jason Chan, David Hou, injury default.
U-1300: Ivy Li, Andrew Streng, 6,-7,8,8.
U-1150: Andrew Streng, Ivy Li, 9,8,9.
U-1000: Tharun Shiju, Roger Fong, 8,7,7.
U-850: Edmond Tu, Ben Johnson, -8,-10,7,9,5.
U-700: Raul Puri, Tharun Shiju, -4,-6,6,8,10.
U-550: Justin Tat, Pruthvi Innamuri, 6,3,6.
U-400: Justin Tat, Angie Tan, -9,7,9,7.
U-250: Angie Tan, Bala Balasubrumanian, -9,7,9,7.
Hardbat, Roy Lee, Scott Gordon, 21-12, 21-15.
3500 Doubles: Satish Krishnamoorty/Ramkarthick Ganesan, Saurabh Bhartia/Sai Ramanan, -8,9,-3,8,6.
3000 Doubles: Dave Palmore/Ken Sandberg, Vijay Talada/Richard Asio, 10,-12,8,6.
2500 Doubles: Kailyn Kong/Ivy Li, Dave Ardisson/Elan Seagraves, 8,8,8.
2000 Doubles: Ken Sandberg, Yung Ma, Andrew Streng/Tamara Chappell, 9,7,-7,10. .


ATTC Dominates at 28th annual TCAAT Table Tennis Tournament

ATTC Dominated at the 28th TCAAT Table Tennis Tournament, held in Pleasanton on July 21. ATTC players won  every event entered except one!
Events won by ATTC players included the following:
Open singles - Coach Zaman
Open Teams - David Zeng, Jordan Yee, Bryant Lin
Open doubles - David Zeng, Bryant Lin
Junior Teams - Kevin Li, Ivy Li, Kailyn Kong
Under 2200 - Jordan Yee
Under 2000 Rok Yu
Boys U18 - Jordan Yee
Girls U18 - Ivy Li
Under 1500 - Jason Chan
Great job Guys!




  The US Nationals table tennis championships were held in Virginia Beach, Va., from Dec. 12-17. On Dec. 15, Alameda Table Tennis Club (ATTC) head coach Avishy Schmidt won his second consecutive national men's over-50 title. On the same day, his student, 14-year-old Bryant Lin, won both the under- 2100 and under-2200 national titles. Then on Dec. 16, ATTC's 15-year-old David Zeng took second in the under-2300 competition.
  Alameda Cadets upset a heavily favored ICC team 4:1 at ICC on Saturday to win the BATTF Cadet title! Great job guys. That's 3 years straight!

more photos here

10/23/11 ATTC players dominate local youth cup

On Sunday October 23rd Alameda players dominated the competition at the 18th Annual Concord Youth Cup, an under 18 regional table tennis tournament hosted by the Concord table tennis club. As they contested the 12 events, Alameda Table Tennis Club (ATTC) players crushed the competition winning 8 first places, 5 seconds, 11 thirds, and the all around team trophy that was given to the club that scored the most wins during the tournament.

 In the top event, the open class, ATTC players swept the event, with 15-year old David Zeng winning first place, 13-year old Jordan Yee taking second, and 14-year old Bryant Lin 3rd.  ATTC’s David Zeng then paired up with teammate Carey Lee to win the open doubles competition, defeating teammates Jordan Yee and Bryant Lin in the final. David finished up his undefeated day with a win over teammate Bryant Lin in the U2500 final.

Another standout performance was that of Alameda’s 12-year old Scott Fong winning both U1500 and U1250.

 Full list of ATTC winners:

Open Singles - 1st David Zeng, 2nd Jordan Yee, 3rd Bryant Lin
Under 2500 - 1st David Zeng, 2nd Bryant Lin, 3rd Jordan Yee and Nancy Zhou
Under 2000 – 2nd Preston So, 3rd Kevin Li
Under 1750 – 2nd Nancy Zhou
Under 1500 – 1st Scott Fong, 3rd Jason Chan
Under 1250 – 1st Scott Fong, 3rd Jason Chan and Kailyn Kong
Under 750 – 3rd Evan Chen
Under 500 – 1st Derek Yang, 3rd Shawn Fong
Under 250 – 1st Shawn Fong
Open Doubles – 1st David Zeng and Carey Lee, 2nd Jordan Yee and Bryant Lin
Under 3000 Doubles – 1st Preston So and Noah Spitz, 3rd Scott Fong / Kevin Li and Joe Li / Ivy Li




ATTC Juniors appear live on KRON 4
7/1/10 Kevin Li wins US Open Boys 9 and Under title. Kevin came back from 0-4 in Game 5 to win 11-7.
  Avi and 5 time national champion Danny Seemiller square off in game 5 of the Meiklejohn open quarter final. (video footage by Jay Turber)
  Avi is happy

Avi Celebrates 50th birthday by winning his way to the Meiklejohn Open final.

Congratulations to Coach Avi for his 2nd place finish and $1100 in prize money  at the Meiklejohn Open! To make the final Avi defeated 2 former national champions and a two time Olympian



Sacramento Open Success

Congratulations to Coach Avi for his 1st place finish at the Sacramento Open! ATTC Juniors also performed well, with Jordan Yee winning the Under 1500 and Under 1375, while Bryant Lin took 1st in under 800 and 2nd in under 500.



Alameda Wins Bay Area Table Tennis Federation Cadet Division Title!



On Sunday 11/22 The Alameda cadet table tennis team defeated the Santa Clara Top Spinners 5-0 in the finals of the cadet (under 15) division of the Bay Area Table Tennis Federation. The two teams finished first and second in the regular season respectively with Alameda finishing the regular season undefeated for the second year in a row.


The Alameda team comprised of Thirteen year old Kenny Wong, thirteen year old Preston So, eleven year old Jordan Yee and eight year old Kevin Li dominated the Top spinners from the start and won every match in the contest. In the first match of the finals Preston So set the tone for the contest by defeating Rahul Joshi 3-1. In the second match it Was Jordan Yee over Rohan Chitnis 3-0. In the doubles Preston So and Kevin Li defeated Rohan Chitnis and Samiha Dawalbhakta 3-2. The forth match it was Kenny Wong over Samiha 3-0 and in the fifth and final match it was eight year old Kevin Li in a very impressive 3-0 victory against Rahul Joshi.




(David Zeng and Pranav Gopal square off in the Open Singles final)



On Sunday October 25th Alameda players swept away the competition at the Concord Youth Cup, an annual under 18 table tennis tournament hosted by the Concord table tennis club. The Alameda juniors won 5 first places, 3 seconds, 3 thirds, and the all around team trophy that was given to the club that won the most points based on their achievements during the tournament.


In the top event, the open class, 13-year old David Zeng from the Alameda Table Tennis Club (ATTC) won first place and a $150 first place check, by beating teammate 14-year old Pranav Gopal 3-1 in the finals. Gopal earned $75 for his second place finish. . In the semi finals Zeng beat Nathaniel Chu from Palo Alto and Gopal defeated Kenny Wong from ATTC. In the finals of the under 2000 event it was again Zeng against Gopal.  But this time Gopal turned the tables and defeated Zeng 3-0. Gopal won $50 for his effort and Zeng $25. The two ATTC stars then teamed up to win the open doubles competition and the $50 first place check. There were many other stars for ATTC at the tournament. Notables included 8-year old Kevin Li and 11-year old Jordan Yee.  Li earned a first place finish in the under 1400 doubles event with teammate Andrew Sterner, and 2 third place finishes in the under 750 and under 1250 events. Yee took first place in the under 750 event, third place in the under 1000 event, and third place in the under 2700 doubles event with teammate Kenny Wong.


Full list of ATTC winners:


Open Singles - 1st David Zeng, 2nd Pranav Gopal, 3rd Kenny Wong


Under 2000 – 1st Pranav Gopal, 2nd David Zeng


Under 1250 - 3rd Kevin Li


Under 1000 - 3rd Jordan Yee


Under 750 - 1st Jordan Yee, 3rd Kevin Li


Open Doubles – 1st David Zeng and Pranav Gopal


Under 2700 Doubles – 2nd Preston So, and Kevin Wong, 3rd Jordan Yee and Kenny Wong


Under 1400 Doubles - 1st Kevin Li and Andrew Sterner


10-17-09 Undefeated ATTC Cadets go to 4-0  with a 3-2 win over  Ping Pong Dojo.

Kenny Wong beat Hanna Tong 11-3, 11-7, 11-8

Preston So beat Kevin Cheng 11-5, 11-7, 11-7

Preston So / Kevin Li Beat Daniel Trisno and Howard Tong 11-7, 11-7, 11-9 

Kevin Li lost to Larry Liu - 9-11, 9-11, 8-11

Andrew Sterner lost to Howard Tong 12-14, 12-10, 6-11, 11-9, 8-11

Congratulations to Coach Arthur who won the Sacramento Summer Open on August 22nd!

Alameda TTC medals in every event entered at the 25th Annual Taiwanese Chinese American Athletic tournament in Pleasanton

Alameda Won the Junior Team event, Adult team event, 18 and under, 12 and under, Open Doubles and Coach Avi took second in the Open. Well Done!


02-01-09 Alameda TTC announces "Ping Pong Stimulus Program"

Since it is readily apparent that congress lacks the ability to pass any meaningful and effective economic stimulus program. ATTC has decided to step up and take on this important task ourselves.

Effective February 1 ATTC will implement its “Ping-Pong Stimulus program”. Key components of the program include. “One Dollar Wednesdays” and “five dollar family Sundays”. Additionally the Alameda TTC Yahoo group contains a coupon for 50% off February monthly membership.

Dave H. AlphaPong owner and Alameda TTC partner explained how the program will work. “When Bob comes in on a Wednesday and pays $1 instead of five, that saves $4 that he can then spend into the local economy. So now instead of Bob packing a Bologna sandwich for lunch, he can now visit the Falafel Hut and purchase a falafel roll. Now with the increase in business Mustafa the owner of the Falafel Hut can now expand and hire more local workers who also spend into the economy. Soon Mustafa will be able to expand nation wide and put hundreds of people to work making delicious falafel. We can expect that very soon we will see the economy rebound and a big drop in the unemployment rate. Also since we know that “as California goes, so goes the nation” we can soon expect a tremendous increase in the popularity of Table Tennis nation wide. Since table tennis is a very healthy and enjoyable sport, this could well be just what is needed to save our failing health care system and keep thousands off antidepressants.”

When asked for his comments on the new Ping-Pong stimulus program ATTC partner Avishy Schmidt responded, “I like falafel”.


ATTC Dominiant at San Jose Year of Ox Tournament.

(Barney Reed and Kenny Wong - U3800 Team event winners)


Alameda players won both team events and open singles at the recent Year of the Ox tournament at the San Jose convention center. In the U4500 teams Barney and James Do took first, with Avi and Pranav second. In the U3800 Teams Barney and Kenny took first. Open Singles was won by Barney. Well Done!  

ATTC Juniors Finish season undefeated!
Congratulations to the Alameda Juniors - Pranov Gopal, David Zeng, Carey Lee, and Kenny Wong who won the the BATTF Junior division.
12-01-08 Bright lights seen in the skies above ATTC!

Recently bright lights have been seen suspended in the skies above the ATTC facility. So far the lights have been witnessed by over 100 people.

Many theories have been put forward. Mass hallucination? UFOs? Angelic beings? Extra terrestrials?

Others have pointed out that they are just the result of the recent lighting upgrade. 6 fixtures were upgraded and as a result the ATTC gym now has bright and even lighting throughout the gym.

We suggest you come and decide for yourself. 


Undefeated Alameda Juniors lead BATTF Junior division

On Saturday 11/15 Alameda Juniors beat Ping Pong Dojo 5-0, extending their undefeated streak to 5-0. Pranov Gopal and David Zeng each won both their singles matches while David Zeng paired up with Kenny Wong to win Doubles. Alameda's next Junior match is at Palo Alto on December 14.



Paul Chan  took home the money in the Sunday King of the Hill winners table event. This Sundays event will feature  $60 in prize money.

ATTC Juniors win 5-0 over Ping Pong Dojo.

At the Tuesday round robin Avi extended his winning streak.


Alex Varady took home the first place money in the Sunday winners table event, with Do Tran 2nd, and Kevin Wong 3rd. This Sundays event will be a winner takes all event with $50 in prize money.

ATTC Juniors win in another nail biter over ICC. The tie was decided by a last match 12-10 5th game win of David Zeng over Aarsh Vyas.

In BATTF Division 2 ATTC2 Won 5-0 over SFTTC1.

At the Tuesday round robin Avi extended his winning streak to 4 in a row.

10-27-08 Congratulations to ATTC Junior Preston So for his 1st place finish in the Under 500 event at the Concord youth cup.
10-20-08 New weekend hours beginning November 1. Saturday 10 am - 10 pm and Sunday 10 am - 6 pm.

New Sunday Funday events starting November 2.


10-05-08 Coach Dori is back and is available for private lessons. She will also be assisting with the junior program on Wednesdays. Call or email now to schedule your private lesson.

Newgy Bekeley Open report - ATTC Junior David Zeng won the Under 1800 event. Johhnny Huang won under 2200 and in the Open Freddie Gabriel made the semis loosing to the eventual winner Steven Wang.



Congratulations to 12 years old ATTC Junior Carey Lee for his 2nd place finish in the under 1950 event at the Sacramento summer open. Congratulations also to ATTC Coach and player Avishy (Avi) Schmidt who won first place in the under 2350 event beating Martin cosan in the final 3:1 and took third in the open losing to eventual champion Barny Reed 3:0 in the semi final. Congratulations also to ATTC player Freddie Gabriel who also finished third in the open losing in a very close semi final to a new comer from China 3:1

Last weeks Tuesday round Robin was a heated contest resulting in a group 1 three-way tie for 1st place between Avi, Freddie, and Chris.

Draw doubles will resume on Monday September 29 with a $50 cash prize for the 1st place team. Entries will be limited to the first 24 players. Email to reserve your spot.


ATTC has it's first Draw Doubles round robin which is won by Dan Bruno and Alex Paras

08-30-08 ATTC Juniors Bring home the trophies - At the Berkeley Open 6 A.T.T.C. Juniors combined to bring home 3 first place and 4 second place trophies. Well Done!
  Pranav Gopal – Under 1850 1st, Under 1700 1st, Under 16 Boys 2nd
David Zeng – Under 13 Boys 1st, Under 1700 2nd Under 1850 Quarters
Jackie Labins – Under 13 girls 2nd, Under 1250 2nd
08-12-08 A.T.T.C. has it's first round robin with 23 players of all levels participating. Johnny Huang wins group 1
08-02-08 A.T.T.C. Celebrates it Grand Opening with a BBQ, party, and exhibition featuring top players from the area.


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