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Round Robin Table Advancement Explained

If you win your group, you should advance to a more difficult group.

Wednesday group winners advance the next Wednesday. Sunday group winners advance the next Sunday. If you skip a week you will miss your table advancement.

If you win your group and all the same players show up the next week you would move up one “group number”.

When advancing, you may not displace someone who is 500 points higher than your current rating.

Since the same players do not often show up every week, your advancement may NOT correspond to a “group number” advancement.

For example: On a Sunday with 8 groups you win group 5. Your rating is 1000, and the players you beat were all 900-1000. The Next Sunday there are only 4 groups. All the players in group 4 are rated below 400. Placement in group 4 would be a “group number” advancement but it would not represent a real advancement to more difficult players. Therefore we do NOT guaranty a “group number” advancement.

Instead we use advancement to a group of higher rated players. Generally speaking this means that with groups of 5 you would be the 5th ranked player, playing four other higher rated players. With groups of 6 you may not be the bottom seed.

There will be times when it is impossible to fulfill the advancement rule for all players.

For example:  Larry, Curly, and Moe win groups 6, 7, and 8. The next week there are only 6 groups and all the players are much better than our trio. It would be impossible to place each player as the bottom seed in their own group. If the players in group 4 are all 500 points higher, then all 3 players would need to play in groups 5 or 6. They could not each be the bottom seed.

If you are unsure if you have been correctly advanced, please do not storm in to the RR directors office demanding advancement. You should first ask one our experienced player to review your placement, to see if correct advancement was followed. Time has shown us that In 99.9% of the cases correct advancement was followed, but  players don’t understand the advancement rule.

Arguing with the round robin director over group placement may result in the suspension or revocation of playing privileges.




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